Our advantages

Найкращі спеціалісти в Україні
The best specialists in Ukraine
Our R&D team develops each type of product offered by our company. Our employees have many years of experience working abroad (Germany, USA), extensive practice in domestic medical diagnostic laboratories, as well as their own developments and discoveries published in international English-language scientific journals.
Завжди поруч
Always nearby
The company's policy provides continuous technical support of products that fall on the laboratory table of our user. Unlike other manufacturers, whose production facilities and R&D laboratories are located abroad, our specialists are always in Ukraine in the immediate vicinity - and if necessary, they can even come to you for assistance "on the spot".
Від інфекцій до онкології
From infections to oncology
The company offers a wide range of diagnostic solutions, including infectious diseases of viral and bacterial etiology, congenital genetic diseases, oncology and many other problems that can be used to solve the RT-PCR method. Our goal is to provide Ukraine with the ability to respond to any healthcare challenges on its own, from global pandemics to traditional diseases.
Ваша задача – наше рішення
Your task is our solution
The specialists of our company are constantly working to identify problems that exist in the domestic diagnostics, and to develop possible ways to overcome them by means of molecular genetics. They will be happy to hear your wishes, starting from the customization of existing products specifically for the needs of your laboratory - and ending with the development of a test system for the disease that you consider a priority.

About the company

ASTRAVIR TECHNOLOGY LLC is a manufacturer of various reagents for laboratory diagnostics: for storage and purification of the sample and PCR test systems. The company's range of test systems for the detection of COVID-19, respiratory, herpes, urogenital, intestinal infections, oncogenetic markers.

Modern production covers an area of 1000 sq.m.
The company's laboratories have more than 30 employees working on development and production, including PhDs. The company has implemented a quality management system for the design, development, production and sale of in vitro diagnostic products according to the international standard ISO 13485.

Raw materials and components from the world's leading manufacturers are used for the production of PCR kits. All raw materials and finished products undergo careful quality control at all stages of production.

For our customers we carry out prompt delivery to all regions of Ukraine. We provide consultations and services for training and adaptation of PCR kits produced by our company for specific equipment in the Customers’ laboratory.

ASTRAVIR TECHNOLOGY LLC is actively growing, developing new affordable and reliable PCR kits for laboratory diagnostics.


Highly qualified specialists of the company provide customers with comprehensive and diverse support. Setting up test systems, adapting reagents to any type of equipment used by customers. Consultations are conducted by phone, online, or going to the customer's laboratory.
The company's specialists conduct training for users in order to master new methods and clarify existing problematic issues. Training is conducted in a distance online format, in the form of master classes, or in your own laboratory and training center.
Our company provides users with complete information about the product range, the necessary certificates, educational literature, guidelines and manuals.